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We pledge our support to the AAI Corporate Mission and Philosophy statements and agree to abide by the AAI Constitution and ByLaws as they exist and are legally revised from time to time.

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The Individual option is for a single person company, i.e. a consultant, or an individual attendee wishing to join AAI and participate in AAI activities as an AAI individual member.

The Activity Fee, paid by all AAI members attending the AEEC and AMC meetings, helps to cover costs for a maximum of four (4) AAI members, and/or their invited airline guests to attend AAI sponsored hospitality events including; the AAI Tuesday Night Manufacturer's Reception, daily breakfast and lunch, and all morning and afternoon refreshment breaks. If you have more than four (4) attendees please contact AAI, 941-313-0471, to modify your order as needed.

Once the Activity Fee is selected, the drop down menu of display and corporate sponsorship options will become available to add to your order.

AAI Members who are funding AAI sponsored activities can then select from various Display Options which allows you to select the number of tables or displays you need for the upcoming meeting.

The Corporate Sponsorships for Lunch, Refreshment Breaks, etc. enables AAI member companies to fund their attendee costs while receiving recognition for supporting these activities during the AEEC and AMC meetings. This also makes breaks and lunch times more efficient and allows attendees to maximize their time socializing and fostering relationships with AAI members.

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Memberships for 2019 are not yet available. Check back soon.

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When selecting a username - please attempt to use something that ties it to your company. For the password - that should be private and something you would remember. This information is important as only the Primary Contact will be able to make changes to the company profile and vote in AAI elections and rule changes.