Grady Dees

Grady Dees of Universal Avionics Receives Industry's Volare Award in Recognition for Customer Service.

Jim Terpsta

The Pioneer Award was presented to Jim Terpsta of Jeppesen during the 2010 AMC/AEEC meeting in Phoenix. Jim is the 8th person to receive this very prestigious award - nominated by his peers and selected by the Volare Award Committee.

Background Information

AAI was founded in 1967 and is incorporated in the United States as a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of Florida. In 1987, the Board of Directors reorganized AAI as a membership organization with an annual dues system. At that time the Mission and Corporate Philosophy statements were also adopted. AAI is governed by a Board of Directors, with each director elected from an AAI member company for a term of three years.

AAI dues are based upon an annual budget comprising three elements:

  1. Administration and operating costs,
  2. Costs unique to AMC meetings,
  3. Costs unique to AEEC meetings,

Administration and operating costs cover all costs related to managing AAI’s business including; Business Manager management fees, website management, mailings, office supplies, accounting, tax filings, legal fees, corporate filings, insurance, etc.

Costs unique to the conferences include; organizing the various hospitality events, golf outings, setup of display booths, Volare Awards, breakfasts, lunches, refreshment breaks, shipping expenses, and travel expenses for the Business Manager.

AAI encourages the contribution of ideas, leadership, and innovation by presenting up to four VOLARE Awards each year. These awards recognize individuals in both supplier and airline organizations for outstanding personal achievement on behalf of the civil aviation electronics community. In addition to the VOLARE Awards, AAI presents a PIONEER Award and the AAI's Special Award on an as-deserved basis.

AAI organizes hospitality events at the AMC and AEEC annual conferences. These events give the opportunity for AAI members to display their products and services and to mix with their customers, or potential customers, in a congenial and professional atmosphere. They are considered valuable opportunities for AAI members to become better acquainted with representatives of companies attending the conferences, and to initiate business dealings with them. In addition to the AAI Manufacturer’s Reception, AAI organizes daily breakfasts, lunches, and refreshments for the two daily breaks at each conference.

AAI activities are directed at improving the opportunity for members to do business with customers, enhance their image in the eyes of potential customers, and enable maximum contact between the members and their customers. There is a strong perception among the members of AAI that their business climate and general business welfare is substantially improved through AAI activities.