1967 Meeting

The 1967 AAI Awards in Rome


AAI Reception 2010

Who We Are

The AAI was formed in 1966 (first official meeting in 1967) and was incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation (501 c (6)) in 1987. Currently we are an association of Avionics Manufacturers, Support Agencies, MRO's, Simulator Manufacturers, Consultants, and Representatives all coming together to support the World's Commercial Airline Industry. We support the annual AEEC General Session, AMC Conference, and FSEMC Conference organized by ARINC Industry Activities. We do this by providing the services that make the meeting a little more friendly. We organize the coffee breaks, reception, lunches, etc.

During these meeting we have several goals:

  1. All of our members are treated equally - from the largest manufactures to the single person business entrepreneur, everyone is treated as equals. The attempt is to keep all of the airline guests in the hotel from the night before the meeting starts until Thursday morning.
  2. Hospitality Suites - any AAI member can host a suite with the understanding that there can be no private parties - the suite is open to all attendees. Like wise it is important that all of the suites are not open during the AAI Reception so all of our members have an equal opportunity to visit and meet potential customers in a friendly non pressure environment.
  3. The AAI is the conduit between ARINC-Industry Activities and our members, so problems and concerns can be worked out before problems arise. It allows both of our associations to insure we work for the betterment of both groups and the commercial airline industry.


In 1966 a group of avionics manufacturers agreed that an informal organization should be formed to advance avionics technology with the aim of increasing safety, reliability, and maintainability. Initially the idea was to support the AEEC Annual meeting. Today we support the AEEC, AMC and FSEMC annual meetings organized by ARINC Industry Activities.

Up to that point, the formal reception had been provided by the host airline. However, that presented problems including the lack of an ability to provide a traceable spending history. The spending history is helpful when considering future meeting locations. It was decided that the AAI needed to be incorporated and run as a business, to include the formal reception. This change would provide the financial history needed for future hotel selections. In 1987, the AAI was officially organized as a not-for-profit corporation under section 501 c (6) in the state of Florida.

Our Constitution and By-Laws are available on our Board of Directors page.

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